Puppy Socialization

For our clients who have recently added a puppy to their family, we offer a great program for the new addition.  After receiving their first exam, puppy vaccines, and a clear fecal, they are welcome to join our Puppy Socialization Sessions. Puppy Socialization is offered on most Wednesdays or Thursdays, and puppies can be dropped off as soon as we open our doors at 7:30 AM. 

A typical day for your puppy would involve a morning play session, short time with the trainer, lunch and a nap, followed by an afternoon play session until you can pick them up.  We are open until 7:30 PM. 

Socialization is a key element to your puppy's development, and they will get lots of it at these sessions.  We perform an individual behavior assessment for each puppy before placing them into our program.  After making sure the puppy is right for the program they will be slowly introduced into a playgroup that consists of other dogs with similar needs and play style.  We are very mindful of your puppy's individual needs and we ensure a great experience for your dog.   

Your puppy will also receive an introduction to training while here on Wednesdays. We are pleased to have Brad Franz, longtime professional dog trainer, working with our team.  Your puppy receives a brief individual evaluation session and a report card so you can keep track of their weekly progress.  This is a great foundation for your puppy's training, and with Brad's comments and staff input you can continue the training at home. 

Cost:  $25/day (includes the brief session with Brad)


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